January 15, 2023

Dr. Baker served as Executive Director for over 17 years during which time he enhanced the resources and reach that ALDF provided to its readership. He has devoted his career to research and education about Lyme Disease; prior to his role at ALDF, Dr. Baker worked as a renowned scientist in the field of infectious diseases and is one of the most respected experts on Lyme Disease.

Dr. Baker ushered in a new phase of promoting scientifically accurate information about Lyme disease and confronting proponents of misinformation and unproven theories about diagnosis and treatment. He began his tenure at ALDF by publishing a piece in JAMA addressing unsubstantiated claims related to “chronic Lyme.” He felt passionately about debunking misconceptions and the rapid spread of misinformation related to Lyme Disease. To that end, he established the ALDF section entitled, “Misinformation About Lyme Disease” and “From the Desk of the Executive Director” where many articles designed to address specific areas of concern are presented.

As Lyme disease misinformation continued to spread, Dr. Baker also created a section entitled, “Physicians Resources” so that clinicians in non-endemic regions of the US could become more familiar with current methods used for the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease, as well as the results of recent clinical studies. When someone suspects Lyme disease, one of the biggest challenges for the public is discerning who are credible physicians and who are not. To aid in these efforts, the section entitled, “Finding a Physician” was also enhanced.
As Executive Director, he published more than 25 peer-reviewed scientific articles in leading medical journals critical of unproven diagnostic tests and long-term antibiotic treatments for Lyme disease. As a direct result of his efforts, the ALDF website regularly ranks in the top 10 of all websites devoted to Lyme disease and is widely acclaimed both nationally as well as internationally.

When he first took on the role as Executive Director, Dr. Baker stated, “at a time when misinformation is rampant, I am proud to continue to serve the interest of public health by heading the American Lyme Disease Foundation.” We can confidently say he served those interests well and has furthered the awareness and education of Lyme disease. Dr. Baker’s contributions to the field are vast, and he will surely be missed, but the ALDF expresses its gratitude for his many years of leadership, stewardship, and lifelong contributions.